School Partners

School Partners

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Become a School Partner

Bring Scholar CC Mentoring Club to your school. We partner with AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) programs and Title I schools through a club model and are looking for opportunities to expand throughout Palm Beach County.

Scholar Career Coaching offers:

  • *Opportunity for students to interact with passionate mentors who share similar academic and career interests.
  • *Bi-Weekly mentoring sessions after-school (3:00 pm – 5:00 pm). Stipend for Club Sponsors
  • *Stipend for Club Sponsors
  • *Collaboration with teachers to identify commited at risk college bound students with high potential.
  • *Variety of activities using our  curriculum. Activities include resume/cover letter writing, learning dress code, mock interview simulations, exploring college and career options, budgeting for college, applying for scholarships, reviewing scholarship essays, and other academic assistance.

Email us directly at if you are interested in bringing our mentoring club to your school!