Business Social Impact

Business Social Impact

Business Partner Social Impact Program

Scholar Career Coaching (Scholar CC) launched the Business Partner Social Impact Initiative in 2021. The program’s main objective is to help companies provide their employees with the opportunity to support the community through a worthy cause. 

Extensive research has shown that companies that promote and support employees’ social responsibility enjoy many benefits, like increased employee retention, productivity, and engagement. Employees will be prouder of the company they work for, and they will find more meaning and purpose in their work.

There are three ways companies can engage in the program:

  1. Mentoring – employees will be able to mentor students helping them to achieve academic and professional success.
  2. Youth Training for Workforce Development – by providing students with the opportunity to connect with professionals in the work environment. This can be done in a variety of forms – workshops, shadowing, field trips, summer internships, etc.
  3. Matching gifts– by matching employees’ social service hours with a financial contribution to SCC.

It is an excellent opportunity for your organization to join the Business Partner Social Impact Initiative like several have already done.

Contact to learn more about the program or request a personal presentation of the initiative and the benefits for your company and employees.

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